Our Vision

A well rounded early education provides a strong foundation for any future learning. Every child has the potential to learn and grow up to be a productive individual.   Some learn quickly while others are slow starters.  To identify such traits early on and hand hold the child to catch up with his friends is pivotal to efficient early education.  A slow learner is by no means less capable.  To ignore the gaps in learning at an early stage and continue unmindful of a children''s needs, defeats the very purpose of schooling. Any future learning or training is bound to be deficient and unproductive. Read More...

Pratham Mysore Vision

Our Reach

From two schools in the slums of Mysore during 2002,  Pratham has expanded its operations to over 24860 government schools primarily in rural locations in Karnataka.  To become accessible to even more number of children, Pratham partners with other local NGOs, communities and individuals working in a similar space.  Pratham Mysore trains the volunteers,monitors implementation of the programs developed by it and continuously evaluates the outcomes.


Early Education

Laying the foundation for future  learning…

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Read India

Filling the class appropriate learning gaps … 

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Model Village

To develop community participation by creating awareness …

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Nurture Merit

Developing a spirit of      competitiveness…

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Career Guidance

Laying the foundation for future learning…

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Innovation Series

There is always a better way   to     learning..

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